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Hiker Ready Anti-Itch spray (Natural & Effective) 60 ml

Hiker Ready Anti-Itch spray (Natural & Effective) 60 ml

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Our Hiker Ready Anti-Itch spray (Natural & Effective) keeps you prepared for the outdoors, when that bite or prick starts to itch, this is your companion. Even safe for your 4 legged companions. Use responsibly, keep away from eyes, open wounds, and sensitive areas.
Help against:

1. Ant bites
2. Mosquito bites
3. Wilderness plant pricks
4. Biting flies
5. Itch

1. Made with natural plant extractions.
2. No artificial scents, made to work.
3. Animal safe.
4. No additives, Essential oils for protection, Propylene for soothing skin.

How to use:

1. Spray a small amount on the bite, prick, or itch.
2. Leave to sit or rub in, as desired.
3. May mix with unscented lotions or creams
4. Essential oils are pure and powerful, use a small amount on yourself or pet to understand your tolerance level. Apply and dilute accordingly.


Propylene glycol, Melaleuca alternifolia (Tea tree), Rosmarinus officinalis (Rosemary)

Discover how much more when you are on your adventures. All natural ingredients for the natural world.


Keep out of Reach of Children

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Customer Reviews

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The F.
Worked amazingly

We purchased this spray for the 7th Annual "Save a Child" camping trip. Not only did it help with mosquitoes, it helped with stinging nettle encounters and the thorny grass that makes you burn and itch when it pokes you. Great product.