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These products are the more natural alternative to the alcohol based scents that you find in stores all across the world. Both natural and designer types, our products are not only suitable for use on the skin do to the removal of all alcohol base, they also last much longer do to the body’s absorption of the vegetable base, which allows the scent to maintain a pleasant aroma far longer then it's alcohol based counterpart.

For scents not listed please contact us. Earthly Love Imports has the ability to reproduce almost any scent into our more natural alternative while maintaining the original scent in most instances. 

All of Our Designer Cologne & Perfume (Alcohol Free) Scents have no relation to its designer and are named as such to note the inspiration behind the Scent. We are thrilled to offer Our Alcohol Free Alternative and hope that you continue to Immerse yourself into a state of natural.

We appreciate your business, please note that our scents are original type oils and though similar in all respect, these are only our representation of the scent.

Our products are long lasting and amazing, free of today's alcohol based infusion, we sell high grade scents made to infuse with your body's chemistry. As such all our scents are unisex, despite the name it is attributed.

These scents are for the body and are not intended for essential oil diffusers.

Our scented body oils are "Alcohol free" for a better feel and a substantially longer hold time. Formulated with the best ingredients to bring you amazing scents that you can love. For Womens perfume types and Mens Cologne types see our other listings.

Thank you for being part the Family. Earthly Love Imports "Bringing natural to the products you love to love"

Disclaimer: These scents are representations of numerous scents both natural and designer, all titles are the inspirations behind the scent and in no way are we affiliated with the designer unless otherwise stated.

Safety Guidelines
1. Contact with skin - Rub it in
2. If inhaled - Enjoy
3. Clean up - Recycle bottle and Reorder

Earthly Love Imports
"Love the Body we Live in"



Natural Scents (A-K) for scents (L-Z) in Natural, Mens & Womens (Type) see our listings. We have over 1000 scents, feel free to inquire about scents not listed.
Earthly Love Imports
"Love the Body we Live in"

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    We at Earthly Love Imports pride ourselves in meticulous formulation and craftsmanship. If you hace any questions, comments, or concers, please don't hesitate to reach out.

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