Collection: CDCR Religious Catalog

CDCR Approved Items

Address Guidelines

  • John Doe T12345 (CDCR # with last name)
  • Prison name and Yard (under Company)
  • P.O. Box 12345
  • city, state & zip

Checking out: 

1. Please use your billing address and the inmates shipping address.

2. Inmate CDCR # on the last name

3. The Prison under the company section.

4. Fill everything else out the same.

5. (Note: Add substitutions under notes for substitutions.)

Mailing Address: 1820 w. Florence ave Ste. #318 Los Angeles Ca. 90047

Customer Care: 760-544-3310 Monday - Thursday 10am - 6pm
Shipping Rate Updates: All orders placed with an institutional check will be $10.00 flat rate
(Please note that order restrictions for religious items has been removed. Multiple packages can now be ordered in a quarter)
(Stamp orders are exempt from the referral program)
Payment Options:
1. Online Orders: (CDCR religious Catalog) section.

2. Institutional Check:
3rd party institutional checks will not be accepted without prior approval

3. Stamp orders: Stamps will only be accepted in the 3rd Quarter for 2024 year.

3a. (Whole books only) (Bent, Torn, Tapped, Glue altered, Dirty, etc.. will be returned at the owner's expense)
Stamps are only for religious oils and will not be accepted for orders of clothing, jewelry, herbs, etc…

Refund Policy:

Refunds will only be issued for orders canceled before shipment;
Canceled orders for return packages will incur a 15% restocking fee, and or will be discarded if unclaimed after 60 days.

Reship Policy:

All orders that are returned by the institution will be reshipped to the inmate at a cost of $10.00

Alternate Items update: Note for most up-to-date info see our website.

All orders should include alternate oils and items
Orders without alternates will be held, substituted, and or returned at the discretion of the ELI staff