Inmate Religious Catalog

Address Guidelines

  • John Doe T12345 (CDCR # with last name)
  • Prison name (under Company)
  • P.O. Box 12345
  • city, state & zip
ATTN: All orders containing religious items outside of oil, will no longer be accepted back to our facility. All items will be rejected, disposed of, or shipped to the sender at the sender's expense. Items held past 30 days will be deemed abandoned and will be discarded. We appreciate your cooperation. 
 "Maximum of 4 ounces of religious oils per order unless otherwise approved, please provide supporting documentation or your order will be processed as a regular 4oz order."

What can be purchased

What can be purchased is based on the inmates classification. Please make sure that items ordered are approved for this person, Earthly Love Imports will not be responsible for orders placed incorrectly.

These items are for inmates in the CDCR system and are subject to the rules and regulations governed by the Department of corrections and all other law enforcement as detailed in the DOM and Title 15. Any attempts at fraudulent purchases will be reported to the inmates facility and punitive action will be taken. All new customers will be contacted for consent before order is processed. If such consent is not received the order may be returned. 

Any purchase not approved by institution will be returned, orders for inmates may only be purchased alone. All non inmate orders must me made in a separate transaction. Thank you for your understanding.